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Titanic Proof Your Retirement

I just watched the billion-dollar blockbuster production of the Titanic Movie for the first time since I watched the premier.  It was the ship to be on.  A bunch of wealthy folks who could get a ticket sailed on it.  People saved and spent a lot of money to get on board. All were impressed… […]

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Research reveals that the biggest fear most retirees have is running out of money before running out of life. You can fix this fear very easily with Fixed Index Annuities (FIA’s). FIA’s Fix the risk problem inherent with mutual funds, stocks, and bonds by protecting the principal placed in the annuity.   FIA’s fix the loss […]

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My oldest client is 101. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d live that long… and most of us will also live longer than our forefathers, often by decades. There are two things you can do to prepare: Own LONGEVITY INSURANCE: – Longevity Insurance is provided via Annuities. Annuities ensure that your money will last […]

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