About Us


Doug started out in the insurance field in the 1990’s.  He has been working with Seniors for years prior to that as a counsellor and actually met his wife Christine, an RN, while they were both doing volunteer work at a nursing home over 30 years ago.

Doug noticed the high cost of care seniors incurred and realized the vital need to own Medicare Supplement Plans that cover the 20% gaps Medicare doesn’t pay.  Doug says, “We make buying easy by allowing shoppers to call in, order quotes and then purchase their plans from us all from the comfort of their homes”.  With new technology we don’t even need to go to a shopper’s home – we can take the order over the phone, enter it in our Insurance Company systems and have their new, lower-cost policies mailed right to their homes.  Or, in some cases, we mail the application and then, once approved, mail the policies”.

“Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans is easy because Plan F with company 1 has to be the same as Plan F with company 2 (by law) so there are no surprises for the consumer.  Plan G is so similar to Plan F that we often find it is in the buyer’s interest to take a serious look at Plan G if our client can save serious money with it.

about-us-doug-mooreBeing both a trained counsellor and educator Doug brings those skill sets to Seniors trying to find out how to save money on their Medicare Supplement Plans and all the other various retirement planning concerns seniors have.  Doug states: “We find that almost 100% of the time retirees #1 concern is not running out of money and not becoming a burden to their children.  We cover all the important bases in those concern areas too by offering guaranteed life-time income annuities (that also give inheritance pay-outs of unspent money in the annuities), Long Term Care Insurance, and Final Expense Insurance (so family members are not stuck with funeral bills).

Doug believes, “People have worked hard during their working years, their golden years in retirement should not be full of worries due to financial shortfalls often caused by over-paying for Medicare Supplement Plans, paying too much for Final Expense polices and not owning Long Term Care Insurance.  We help clients shop for higher interest rates on the Bank CD’s too since we have access to the highest rates possible.  We work alongside clients to become what Zig Ziglar calls ‘assistant buyers’ helping clients shop for the best rate”.