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Hi, I’m Doug Moore and I sell Life Insurance. It gives me a great feeling when I know that my clients have made the smart move of buying life insurance on their lives and that of their loved ones so that no one is left wondering how to pay the bills when they pass away. Here’s what you need to know about life insurance:

Whole Life Insurance does just what is implied in the name: it never stops coverage as long as you have been paying your monthly premium.

I just got a call from someone who had to dip into his retirement savings that he really needed to live on but had to spend it on a funeral because a relative passed away without life insurance and left the burden to his family.

Most people don’t want to be a burden to their families so they buy life insurance so that in their time of grief they are not also left scrambling to find money to pay for the burial costs.

These costs include not only the cost of a casket, urn or grave plot but also funeral services, casket, musician and speaker. Relatives may dearly want to come and pay their last respects and a life insurance policy can go to help pay for their travel expenses if they are on a limited budget. Last year I was able to buy plane tickets that cost over $4,000 to fly 6 relatives and friends to my dad’s funeral and pay for their hotels while they were in town. These were close relatives who we really wanted at the funeral but they were too elderly to drive the 1000 mile trip each way so flying was the only alternative. I was happy my dad had planned ahead with enough life insurance on his life so that I could arrange to have the kind of funeral that he deserved. We also rented a nice 12 passenger bus to shuttle family and friends around in since it would have been hard for them to drive in a strange city. Other local friends could drive to the National Memorial for Military Veterans but having the money for the bus, hotels and meals while they were in town was a huge relief. I will have done the same for my family so that they are not left figuring out how to cover all the costs.

Life insurance pays out a tax free death benefit. Whole life and properly structured universal life pays out to age 120 and is there when needed to leave money for funerals (as discussed above) and if for heirs in estate planning.

Term Life ends at the end of a pre-arranged time limit usually 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. I like Term Insurance with the Return of Premium rider added on. Term Insurance is often taken out in younger years by people to protect their loved ones from being left destitute should they die earlier in life than normal. It is cheaper because it is designed for younger consumer who buy it to cover loss of income. Fifteen times annual income is the minimum one should consider. One of my clients left his wife $500,000.00 cash from a policy I sold him. It sounds like a lot but it wasn’t enough because she was disabled and had no pension and couldn’t work. At age 50 she had plan to figure out how to make $500,000 last to a life expectancy of 85. That can be tricky when you have 3 children in college!

So think big when buying a policy. It is a love product.
No one who is happily married wants to leave their spouse with too little insurance!

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