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Long Term Care

#1 Cause of Bankruptcy For Retirees is Long Term Care Shortfalls Hi, this is Doug again with an important series consumer alerts below. In Georgia and many other states, NOT OWNING Long Term Care Insurance is a HUGE INVENSTMENT MISTAKE (statistics prove long term care is the number one cause for bankruptcy amongst retirees – […]

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The Curse

…of “UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS” is a curse that most investors are afflicted with and don’t know it. It causes them to buy when they should be selling, sell when they should be buying, and freeze when they should be running to a smarter strategy. Consumers are cursed when they read an article or watch a show […]

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Retirement Survival “Rule of 3” By Doug Moore

16,000 people have died in America since 2000 due to exposure to the elements.  With outdoor & accident survival, “most are unprepared because they’ve focused on the wrong things: They’ve focused on far-off, unlikely events and ignored the obvious threats that kill Americans every day. They’ve ignored the survival “Rule of 3”: In a physical emergency, you […]

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Medigap E-book

Medicare Supplement Plan G is a Full Benefit Supplement Plan Nearly Identical to Plan F G is also MUCH cheaper in many, many cases – but cheap does not mean cheap in quality – only price. Plan F is almost 10 times more popular than Plan G even though the two provide nearly identical coverage (see chart below). […]

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3 Reasons Original Medicare May Be Right for You

It may not be something we like to think about, but getting older often means dealing with considerably higher medical costs. In 2008 and 2009, a mere 5% of Americans were responsible for nearly half of all medical spending, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Furthermore, the top 1% accounted for almost 22% of spending by themselves. Older Americans are typically sicker than younger adults, meaning seniors are more liable to be stuck with big medical […]

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Hard Lessons Of Stock Market History

The Lessons of Stock Market History If you’re like most people, you believe there’s a great deal of truth in the old adage that history tends to repeats itself more often than not. That’s an important adage to keep in mind when it comes to saving and investing for retirement because it allows you to get a glimpse […]

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Suze Orman Annuities

Equity Indexed Annuities In its effort to keep up with mutual funds, the insurance industry introduced yet another kind of annuity. It was created to compete with very popular index funds, mutual funds that track a stock market index, I have to admit I like the concept-for the right investors. How does an index annuity work? Like all […]

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