“I was using another agency but they would never
return my calls. Doug serviced all my IRA
accounts and always returns my calls so I asked him to
handle my Medicare Supplement policy too.
He got me a better plan at a lower rate…and
continues to return my calls promptly”
Mrs. Jean Y, Acworth, GA

“Over the years Doug helped my husband
(an engineer now deceased) and I create life-time
income with guarantees after having been in
the stock market for decades. I never lost a penny
in the stock market crash. And then he saved
me $100 a month on my Medicare Supplement Plan
– he kept me in the same plan but moved it to
a different company with an even higher rating.
My daughter in Montanna and granddaughter in
Dahlonega moved their Retirment accounts to
him too when they saw what he did for me.”
Bev M, Kennesaw, GA (age 98!)

“Now I can take a vacation! Doug saved me
over $750.00 on my annual Medicare Supplement
premiums. My husband passed away and I was
on a Plan F that I got through the group Plan
at the Railroad. I was told by several agents
that I couldn’t change and thought I was stuck
with higher rates. Doug looked into it, called
the HR department with me on the line and found
out that I could easily change companies, keep
the same Plan F and lower my rates.”
Tina F. Wyoming

“I am moving to Colorado from Arizona and found
out that I could lower my rates now on my same
plan and then those lower rates would transfer
to Colorado where rates are higher. I changed
Plans now in order to lock on lower rates”
M T Arizona

“I was told by a captive agent that their rates
were higher (by $50 per month) due to them being
a stronger rated company. I really needed the same
plan at a lower rate. Doug emailed me information
proving that his company offering the lower cost
Plan N actually had a higher rating than the captive
agent’s company. My husband is disabled and Doug
saved us about $600 just on my Medicare Supplement
Plan alone. My husband is now moving his Plan F
over to a company Doug is an agent of. It pays
to be honest and do your research”
D Nem. Arizona

“Doug saved me over $500 per year on the
same Medicare Supplement plan but with a
different company. There was no change in my
benefits, whatsoever. Just savings!”
Pat G., Palatka, FL

“I was told I would be saving money, but I wanted
to see it in black and white. Once I did, I went
ahead with the application and everything was as
Doug said it would be. I’m now saving over
$800 from my old plan – with the same benefits.”
Walter H., Wallhalla, SC

“I did my homework and checked out
Doug’s license with the Department of
Insurance in my state. He is the real deal and then
he was able to save me over $350 in our first year
working together!”
Lois H., Big Rapids, MI

“Doug is a no non-sense, helpful agent that
shows his loyalty to me, the client, instead of the
insurance company. We have been together for
years and I will continue to go with him because
he always finds me the best deal for my money.”
Richard L., Harrison, AR

“We were happy with our old plan, until we found
out we were paying over $1,000 per year more
than we should have been. The old plan paid all of
the bills like they were supposed to, but so does
the new plan, now that we’ve switched. Same
plan, much less money. Thank you, Doug !”
Tom and Kathy O – Monroe, LA

“Having someone I can trust, as my insurance
agent, is very important to me. I always get good
advice and I know I have the right plan because
Doug has taken good care of me.”
Mary Ann R., Florence, MI

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